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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Sponsor a chestnut tree

Trees need carbon for their lifecycle and they give off oxygen for us. You can now sponsor a chestnut tree!
Young Chestnut Tree - $60.00

Medium Chestnut Tree - $100.00

Large Chestnut Tree - $150.00

Each Tree you sponsor covers the following horticultural practices:
  • Mowing the orchard for weed control
  • Weekly monitoring of the soil moisture holding capacity for the chestnut trees
  • Irrigation scheduling if needed and the recommended amount of water applied
  • Checking the trickle water lines for leaks to minimize water use
  • Pruning the chestnut tree to improve sunlight penetration on the leaves and increase carbon uptake to the tree
  • Brush removal of the prunings
  • Soil tests to check on the correct nutrients available for the best health of the tree
  • Tree guards on young trees for mice and deer protection